We do our best to include accurate and detailed product information on every page.

If you have a question about a specific product and you can’t find the answer in the product description, we encourage you to post your question in the community page. The community is often the best source for answers to more involved product questions and troubleshooting.

If you notice any mistakes in the product description, please feel free to let us know via our support page.

We only offer returns for items that arrive damaged, defective, not as advertised, or missing components.

HIVE DEALS : When deals are completed, we submit the group’s order to the vendor up front. This is how we’re able to deliver the best value to our members and is also why all sales are final.

In the event that a product arrives damaged, defective, not as advertised, or missing components, please contact Dealshive Support and we’ll assist you.

No, but you do need an account to participate in Auctions and Hive Deals.

You can go to your Account and under Orders you could Track it.

You should contact our support at : , or go to your Account page , and under Orders click on RETURNS and start the process.

DEALS HIVE (Group deals)

When you join a Hive Deal and the lowest price hasn’t yet been reached, you will not be charged.

If a Hive deal is still active and you’d like to change your participation, you can do so one of the following ways:

  • Go to your account page – orders – and cancel the order
  • Contact our Support and they’ll do it for you.

Please note: If you choose to cancel and rejoin the Hive Deal, make sure your desired product options are still available before canceling your original order.

If too few people join a Hive Deal and the first price point isn’t reached before the deal ends, the order won’t be placed and payment won’t be captured.

When a Hive Deal ends, we collect payment from all of the participants and place a single order with the vendor. The vendor then prepares the order and ships it to us through a freight service. Once we receive the shipment at our warehouse, we break down the crates of products, repackage everything, and ship out everyone’s individual orders.

We provide status updates throughout the fulfillment process, either by commenting in the discussion or by sending an email to the participants.

Some Hive Deals have a limited quantity available for purchase. Once this limit has been reached, the deal will automatically close and payment will be captured ahead of the original drop end date.

yes , you can cancel from your Account page , under ORDERS.

Depending on the Deal status, you may need to contact support  to determine cancellation eligibility